Vape Coils and How They Affect E Juice Flavor

Vape Coils: A Guide to Why and How They Affect the Taste of Your E Juice

Are you feeling a little perplexed after browsing through the internet for hours trying to find out information on which are the best vape coils to use for your vaping device? You’re not the only one. There is so much information around that has made trying to find information you want hard. I have made this fact finding mission easier for you by breaking down how different types of vape coils can affect your vaping experience, which are the best types to use and how to get the most flavor from your e juice. Will the new FDA ENDS regulations also include coils?

What Difference Does Coil Resistance Make?

There is no one type of coil; they come with different resistance levels. Some of these resistance levels will enhance flavor and will give a better vaping experience than other resistance levels. You will be able to find out what resistance a coil has on the package or in the description when shopping online. You will be able to tell which is the coil resistance as it will be displayed as a number with “ohms” next to it or with the symbol “Ω”.

What Are OHMS?

Ohms are what the resistance of the coil is measured in. Ohms are the measurement used to calculate the resistance between two points of an electrical conductor and how freely electricity can move in an object such as an e-cigarette. People using e-cigarettes pay close attention to the ohm level as it indicates what temperature of heat the coil generates. This allows for the e-liquid in the e-cigarette to evaporate.

How Does The Coil Resistance Affect Your Vaping Experience

The lower the resistance level, the quicker the coil will heat. This means that you will get a much warmer taste. If the resistance of the coil is higher then the coil will take longer to warm up the vapor which means there will be less of it. If you pair a low resistance coil with a high battery voltage, there will be more heat produced meaning the flavor will be more intense.

What Is Sub OHM Vaping?

You should now know that an ohm is the measurement used to determine the resistance of a coil. If the resistance of a coil is below 1.0 ohm then the coil is then classed as sub ohm. While sub ohm coils are perfectly safe, they are still only recommended for those who have been vaping for quite a while. If you ever do use a sub ohm coil, make sure to read exactly how to use it to avoid any injury.

What Are The Benefits Of Sub OHM Vaping

Some of the benefits of using a sub ohm coil include being able to blow big clouds, having a more intense vape flavor and having a warmer vape experience. The reason why sub ohm coils blow bigger clouds is because they use a much larger wire and wick which increases the power to spread more heat. This then causes the e-liquid to evaporate more quickly resulting in dense and large clouds.

How You Can Start Sub OHM Vaping

Before starting to use sub ohm coils in your vaping adventures, it is recommended that you already have a pre-existing knowledge of vaping or have been vaping for a while. This isn’t recommended for those who are new to it. You will need a sub ohm coil which you can check the packaging for under 1.0 ohm. If the packaging doesn’t mention the ohms you can test your coil in an ohm meter. While it is not needed, it is recommended that you use high percentage VG(Vegetable Glycerin) e-liquid and low nicotine strength (preferably lower than 6mg). This is so you don’t get a harsh throat which can happen when using a sub ohm coil. On another note; you can only use a sub ohm coil if you have a 18650 battery, mod and or tank that support sub ohm vaping.

What Coil Resistance Should I Use In My Vape

If you’re not yet experienced enough to use a sub ohm coil then the choice comes down to two; low resistance coils and high resistance coils. I have briefly explained the difference but to make it more clear, I will go into the benefits and disadvantages of each. There is no right and wrong choice, it simply comes down to your personal preference.

Low Resistance Vape Coils

Let’s start with low resistance vape coils. The main advantages of using a low resistance coil are that it will produce more vapor and the vapor will also be warm. The main disadvantages are that it can drain the battery a lot faster, it may give you dry hits and it will use up more liquid each time you puff.

High Resistance Vape Coils

The main advantages of using a high resistance coil is that it will not drain the battery as fast, will be less likely to have a dry hit and will not use up as much liquid per puff. The main disadvantages are that it won’t produce as much vapour and the vapour will be cooler.

As you can see the high and low resistance vape coils are in stark contrast but both can potentially give you an intense flavor.

How To Achieve Maximum Flavor

Now that I have spoken about high resistance coils, low resistance coils and sub ohm coils, it is time to talk about how to use your coil to get maximum flavor. The flavors of e juice  you can get for your vape are plentiful.  Flavors are as unique as custard, alcohol beverages and even sweets. Of course, there is no point in buying these amazing flavors if you can’t taste them which is why you need to do the following:

Single Coil vs. Dual Coil

The single coil is recommended for those looking for a more intense flavoring. The dual coil is for those who want to create big clouds. The reason why dual coils don’t give as strong a flavor as the single coil is because the dual coil needs a lot more air flow which diffuses the flavor. The single coil has a narrower air flow meaning the flavor is more concentrated.

Keep The Coil Clean

To get the most flavor out of your vape juice, make sure to keep your coil clean. It doesn’t matter whether it is a low resistance, high resistance or sub ohm resistance, you must regularly clean your vape coils.